Following my remote healing practice with consultants in individual sessions, first in their presence (close distance), then at greater distances (km-miles), until the sessions from the other side of the planet, modifications and encouraging results appeared.
I then practiced on small groups (2/3 people), until I realized that the size of the group had little importance in terms of the possibility and results.

Two types of session

General healing session

Rather calibrated to target the overloads and consequences of poor daily self-management. (anger, repetition of mistakes, melancholy, or vain hopes, self sabotage ... etc)

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Thematic session

More targeted, they will go deeper, but individual work is always recommended to overcome the limitations of a group work.
If a theme resonate strong (emotions during reading, recognition, memory etc.) do not underestimate your genuine intuition, and take the opportunity to join.

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- Flexibility and comfort: you can register latest 1h before the session and you attend it from your favorite place.
- Multilingual descriptions (french, español and english)
- Minimalist cost: usually around 15 €.
- Elimination of transport costs, associated risks, and the ecological footprint is reduced.
- Ability to work on more people at the same time., Because many dysfunctions are common in a certain level.
- Effect of potentialization due to that more people bring a greater perspective of a similar problem.


- Beginners to that exercise may lack conviction or will power to give themselves the good dispositions to receive the benefits at their best.
- to be distracted during the session prefering to make a useless activity  (reading, TV, games, thought preparing the next vacation ... etc).
-The low cost of the session can be perceived as cheap, poor value, and it can trigger a self sabotage or limitations.

Anything rational? 

I won't take care to give 'rational' explanation on how this is possible, as there are many evidences in quantum physics or neurosciences, but also as distance healing has been around for a very long time in humanity.
I'll tell you, follow your intuition, just do it, it is for you, for your evolution, there is no need to prove anything to anyone.
As Einstein said: 'It's easier to disaggregate an atom than a prejudice'
so let the fools look at the finger ...

Will power and resistances

The long-term work and the repetition of distance healing is not negligible, indeed sometimes a profound result is waiting, not because the healing does not work, but because the person has many problems, as conscious or unconscious annex topics but indeed on a high priority for their path of evolution.
Other people avoid THE subject that is not going well in their life and eventually dream of a miraculous solution that will make their problem disappear without needing awareness.
It is surely the biggest challenge to come to a place of trust between the therapist and the consultant.

What more to expect ?

- Avoiding or shortening difficult experiences in everyday life, indeed  without knowing it, we are on a mission to transcend our limiting beliefs. This does not mean that we can avoid some unpleasent life experiences.
- Facilitate our social interaction, to help us to leave the survival mode, and play life in a cooperative and healthy way.
- Begin or continue his inner work of liberation and evolution.
- To widen one's state of consciousness, and to free oneself from habits and certainties.


- The intentions I put for the online session follow a healthy bases made of balance, unconditional love, awareness and lucidity to restore the physical, emotional and mental health.
- I take a special care to prepare the sessions but also also the work during the session with you, unfortunately I can not follow up all private conversations outside the framework of private consultations.
- After the sessions, your returns are more than welcome.
- Men and women and children can participate, but you cannot choose for others, unless you are the parents of a minor child.
- If you do not understand certain concepts or explanations given on this site,  I want you to know that I am not part of any political, religious or sectarian movement.
-If you suffer from a mental or physical illness, I recommend a suitable medical follow-up (Love, respect, empathy)

Example of previous sessions

General session of New Moon and Full Moon in relation to the seasons, and the horoscope.

Specific session on diverse thematics:
- Quantum Detox
- Merkaba & Torus 
- abortion and foetal loss 
- Pineal energy gate
- wealth & money
- sight / eyes
- Chakras
- DNA Activation

During the Session

-You can light up a candle, if it respect the safety.
- Find a quiet place where you will be all alone for the duration of the session (switch off your electronic notifications)
-During the session, relax, do not distract. You can meditate, slow and deep breathing, or just sit and feel)
- There may be sensations or images but maybe there will be nothing ... do not worry, do not control anything.
-You can play the music link that I will post in the event group, but you can also remain in silence.

Thank you  ∞ Namaste

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